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We have additional modules, that reinforce your protection

With our basic system monitor, we know when something is installed and review it when we receive the alert. We also have other modules that increase your protection even further!

Basic system monitor

Our base level system alerts us:

  • when anything is installed on you computer.

  • Your hard drive is almost full

  • Computer working too hard or too much memory in use - indicating a potential hack

  • Your anti-virus or firewall is turned off - usually the first thing a hacker does once getting into your system

  • Your operating system needs patches installed

Webroot AntiVirus

Image by Ilya Pavlov

As Webroot has evolved into machine learning, it has injected human ingenuity into a constantly changing framework of technology. Because Webroot is a cloud-based, decentralized antivirus service (some might say it’s rooted in the Web), it is always learning and growing its classification of threats across the internet.

By housing all this information and such a huge malware database in the cloud, Webroot can effectively scan and classify 95% of the internet three times per day without clogging up storage in one singular endpoint device.

Remote Worker Access

Remote Learning

We  can setup and support remote worker access for at home users.

We can also protect their home computers to keep hackers from getting at your systems through home computers.

Malware Bytes

More than antivirus

Multi-layered technology provides real-time protection against threats including malware, viruses, spyware, scams, phishing sites, brute force RDP attacks, and ransomware

Remote support access

Included in the base module, we have remote support capabilities, should you request it.

Spamtitan email 'Sandbox'

Image by Nick Fewings

Due to the sophisticated nature of advanced persistent threats via email Spamtitan has been significantly upgraded to include a sandboxing feature and additional anti-spoofing layers. The SpamTitan email sandboxing feature is powered by Bitdefender.

SpamTitan email sandboxing protects against breaches and data loss from zero-day threats and sophisticated email attacks by providing a powerful environment to run in-depth, sophisticated analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files. This advanced email security layer will provide protection against malware, spear-phishing, advanced persistent threats (APTs), offering insight into new threats and helping mitigate risks.

SpamTitan sandboxing is a powerful next-gen email sandbox security solution that protects against advanced, sophisticated attacks via email. Our solution is packed with award-winning machine learning and behavioral analysis technologies, enabling your security team to safely detonate suspicious files in a secure environment that mirrors your production endpoints, tricking cyber attackers into believing they have reached their target.

SpamTitan email sandboxing achieves the highest detection rates due to its global threat intelligence gathered from the 500+ million endpoints it helps to protect. 


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