The National Security Advisor says you should brace for cyberattacks.

Computer Repair

If you are wondering how to do that, ACF can do it for you!



If a hacker gets past your Anti-virus, Anti-malware, and firewall, you will not know!


ACF is the next line of defense. Our software will text our technicians when a hacker turns off your Anti-virus or malware protection software.

ACF gets a text when ANY program is installed on your system.

ACF technicians will look at anything that is installed. We then determine a threat level. If the thread level is high enough, we  let you know with a text, email or phone call.

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For less than $14.00 per month, your computer can have the next level of protection!

Mosque in Moscow

You get notified when your Anti-virus, Firewall or Anti-malware blocks an attack. When a hacker gets by them, it does not tell you.

The first thing the hacker usually does is turn off your protection. Then they install their hacking tools.

That is where we come in! Our tools notify us with text messages and we notify you! We Geographically track them when possible. When appropriate, we notify the FBI.

Tracking not only Russian hackers, but the entire internet!

Our systems check for updates, reboots, disk space, resource usage, and many items that can create openings in your system security for a low monthly cost per computer.


Our monthly fee per computer works even on a single system at home. If you are a remote worker, your employer will want your system to be secure as well! We work with server farms, cloud hosted systems and standalone computers.